Leah Frances - Lunch Poems / SOLD OUT

Pennsylvania based Canadian photographer Leah Frances turns her lens towards “third spaces”: communal settings outside of home and work, such as taverns, church picnics, diners, restaurants, and movie theaters.
Actively using photography to explore the residue of time and human effort, Leah creates portraits of place, mindful of the individuals who have been there before and may be there again. Imaginary one-to-one conversations with these ghosts, so to speak, allows her to invest in the possibility that within this divided nation, we might, one day, understand and respect each other.
Harnessing light to grasp at moments of joy in complicated environments, with these images, she hopes to forge an opening for deep looking and the exploration of multiple layers of meaning, an encounter with complex histories rather than one-dimensional, familiar tropes.

Lunch Poems is the first book published by Aliens in Residence.

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